Terms of Service


1. ​Any attempt to tamper, bypass, deobfuscate, dump, abuse, copy, reverse, or crack Eclipse Hub or anything related to Eclipse Hub, which includes but not limited to: Eclipse Hub, Eclipse API, Eclipse Website, and the Eclipse Chat System, will get you blacklisted without appeal.
2. By joining the Discord server OR by using the chat system, you agree to follow the Discord Community Guidelines and Discord ToS.
3. Excessive slurs in the Universal Chat System is not allowed and you will be punished accordingly.
4. What we log:

a. When you execute: Hashed HWID (Hardware Identifier), Hashed IP Address, Hashed Roblox User Id, Server Id*
b. When you request a discord invite: Hashed HWID, Hashed IP Address, Roblox Username (not for identification)

c. When you use Eclipse Universal Chat: IP Address, Roblox Username, Roblox Id. None of this information is stored in any permanent database (only in a cache).
*These items are only stored for 24 hours after the last execution. These items are also not linked to any Eclipse data other than one's premium data.


1. ​Any abuse towards the Eclipse Hub Website or API will not be tolerated, as stated above in Script #1
2. Any attempt to DDOS, DOS, or slow/shut down the Eclipse Hub Website in any ways is not tolerated.
3. Sharing your linked discord account will get you blacklisted.
4. What we log:

a. When you create an account: Hashed IP Address, Hashed Password, Username, Hashed Email, Linking Code, Country
b. When you request a discord invite: Hashed IP Address, Roblox Id, Website Account Information (Website Username)


1. ​​Eclipse Hub Premium may be discontinued at any time without warning.
2. ​Spoofing one's HWID is not allowed under any circumstance.
3. Charging back (or refunding), accidental or intentional, one's premium copy via any payment method will result in an automatic immediate blacklist.
4. Sharing any Eclipse Hub Premium key with anybody other than yourself will result in a blacklist.
5. Reselling your key is not allowed under any circumstance, unless the key is a gift key, and has not been redeemed.
6. Premium gives you 1 license to 1 computer, which may be switched every 24 hours.
7. You may be blacklisted for any reason an admin and/or developer sees fit.


1. ​​The ToS can be updated at any time.
2. ​You can be blacklisted for any reason that the developer(s) of Eclipse Hub believe is reasonable.
3. By using the script you automatically agree to the these Terms of Service and how we log your data.
4. Any script created or associated with Eclipse Hub, Premium or Free, may be removed at any time without warning.
5. Requesting an invite to the Offical Eclipse Discord sever for someone other than you is not allowed. You will be punished for any rules they break in the Discord.
6. Eclipse Hub developers or anyone associated with Eclipse Hub is not responsible for any bans or punishments you may receive for using Eclipse Hub. Use at your own risk.

ToS l​ast updated on July 19th, 2023