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Eclipse Hub Features

Sleek UI

Our UI is sleek, custom, modern and easy to use. Many useful scripts and universal features that make exploiting easy are included on Eclipse Hub. Additionally, our UI is constantly being updated.

Undetected Features

Every feature added to Eclipse Hub is analysed for detections and vulnrabilitiies while in a game. Our features are made specifically to hide and/or bypass server and many client-based anticheats.


Eclipse Hub was made with security and authentication in mind. Our triple-layer dynamic encrypton will keep your data safe and us safe from many cracking and leaking methods. What data we log is located on our Terms of Service page.

We strive for greatness and value our buyers.

Eclipse Hub has multiple games, and we are always adding new features each week. If you need any help and can't join the Discord, dont worry! We have a universal chat system so you can ask for help at any time. Come join the community!

About Me

Hello! My name is Ethan. I am mainly a js & lua script developer. I know 4 programming languages so far.​​ I've been making scripts for a little over two years now.

Discord: £thanoj1#3304

Want to try it out?

Copy Free Script

Eclipse Hub officially supports Synapse X, Krnl, and Scriptware Windows.

Looking for a Better Experience?

 Try Eclipse Premium! Located on the Premium tab of Eclipse Hub and our website.